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Vba enableevents screenupdating

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Pour information, mes collègues et moi sommes sur Excel 2010, et mon ordinateur personnel sur Excel 2016. A quatre reprise, un userform est appelé alors que je ne le souhaite pas, d'où les quatre lignes de code "Unload".

Screen Updatingを切ったり、セルチェンジイベントの発生が循環したらイヤンな時にApplication. Enable Eventsを切ることが良くあります。一方、エラーなど複雑な分岐でExit Subをやると、しょっちゅうどっかで戻し忘れてしまいます(私だけ?)Application.

When we set Screen Updating property of an application object to false then it will speed up the macro. Please find the below example for Screen Updating Property of an application object in excel VBA.

Explanation: In the above example, it will display numbers from 1 to 100 in the first column on Sheet1.

The example macro's will copy data from "Sheet1" to a Database sheet with the name "Sheet2". Note 2: The two examples in this section use the function Last Row.

Every time you run one of the macros the cells will be placed below the last row with data or after the last Column with data in the database sheet named "Sheet2" in this example. Sub Copy_Next_Each_Other() Dim smallrng As Range, Dest Range As Range Dim Dest Sheet As Worksheet, Lr As Long Dim Source Range As Range, I As Integer With Application . Enable Events = False End With With smallrng Set Dest Range = Dest Sheet.