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Updating os on palm pixi

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Since then, web OS 2.2 has provided significant security and stability patches, which the Pre and Pre Plus have not matched.

Within the past few weeks, the web OS Internals community has taken apart the latest web OS 2.2.4 releases for newer devices, and backported it to the Palm Pre Plus and original Palm Pre.

A smaller, cheaper version of the Pre, the Pixi is aimed at a younger audience and to those who put a precedent on messaging or are making the jump from a feature phone to a smartphone.

You can think of the Pixi as the replacement to the Palm Centro.

Both HP and the web OS community have been aware of this issue for some time, and many thought HP would need to issue a full OS update in order to save those online services.

In addition, the Pixi feels underpowered compared with the Pre.Despite HP not delivering on a promised web OS 2.0 upgrade for all first-generation web OS devices, the web OS community is still at it.While unofficially upgrading the Pre and Pre Plus to web OS 2.0 (via the web OS Internals’ meta-doctor project) is nothing new, progress stalled out at web OS version 2.1.If you don't install the update by July 23rd, you'll need to fall back to another solution.As HP puts it, "After the expiration of the certificate on July 23, 2013 the user will need to set the system time back to a date prior to July 23, 2013 and follow the same procedure outlined above to update the certificate." To get around the activation issue, HP will allow devices to go through the "first use" with a bad certificate, and then update from there.It’s taken a little while to arrive but HP has finally announced that AT&T’s Palm Pixi Plus will be getting the web OS 1.4.5 update, so you should be able to hit the “Updates” application on your AT&T Pixi Plus to grab the new firmware.