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This is a particularly obscure thing (it's not in the main list of hints) but it does the trick: select f.force_name,, 2 from transformer_forces f, table(f.force_members) t 3 / FORCE_NAME ID NAME ---------- ---------- -------------------- Autobot 1 Metroplex Autobot 2 Optimus Prime Autobot 3 Rodimus Decepticon 4 Galvatron Decepticon 5 Megatron Decepticon 6 Starscream Dinobot 7 Grimlock Dinobot 8 Swoop Dinobot 9 Snarl 9 rows selected. What a great thorough rundown, I hope this helps others with the same problem.

create type investments_type as object( company ref stocks_type, purchase_price number(12,2), date_purchased date, qty number ); create type investments_table_type as table of investments_type; create type clients as object( client_name varchar(50), address address_type, investments investments_table_type ); create table clients_table of clients NESTED TABLE investments STORE AS investments_table; But this replaces all other values in the table.

hi everyone, I've a trouble because I'm trying detect in a trigger if a nested table has been changed or not.

I have an oracle table with nested tables in some of the columns.

Nested Table Type Topics include: creating a table with this type, inserting a record with this type and updating a record with this type.

To get started using a Nested Table, create a code block that declares a nested table type and instantiates a nested table of this created type (Lines 2 & 4).

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