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If there is going to be a delay in SSL certificate provisioning for the new Exchange 2013 servers (which is common when third party certification authorities are used) then steps should be taken to mitigate this risk.This issue can be avoided with a little bit of planning before you deploy the first server.Or, you could specify a remote location as the source location if you want to download files.For example, ...would download all the files in the remote directory /home/stacy/archive on whose name starts with "image" and ends in .jpg, into the local directory /home/stacy/downloads.During the last eight years, these updates made Lynis the tool it now is.The result is stability, with rich support for external components.Basically the steps required to do the upgrade can be broken down into parts which map quite nicely to tasks in an Ansible playbook.

Specifically the routers were Cisco u BR 10k routers which have different routing engines.

In this environment they were called PRE4 and PRE5, each type requires it’s own image.

Also the linecards required a file specific to the routing engine.

One of the risks during Exchange Server 2013 deployment is that the installation of a new Client Access server may cause certificate warnings to begin appearing in the Outlook client of your end users.

This is similar to the certificate warning issue often seen during Exchange Server 2010 installation, which was caused by the Outlook client making Autodiscover or Exchange Web Services connections to an Exchange server with a self-signed (ie, untrusted by the client) SSL certificate.