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To see more postings, search for "exploitation", "sexploitation" and "stag film".Other film clips and promos include: Olga's House of Shame, The Defilers, The Love Girls, Rent-A-Girl, Olga's Girls, Motel Confidential, Cool It Baby, All Women are Bad, The Ramrodder, Honey, women in prison and '30s French fetish films, Irving Klaw, Bettie Page, et al. Its available on Youtube, I watched it in subtitles ay [email protected] are: (1) Satánico Pandemonium (Mexico, 1975) (2) The Sinful Nuns of Saint Valentine (Italy, 1974) (3) Images from a Convent (Italy, 1979) (4) Convent of Sinners (Italy, 1986) Watch at your own peril and recite 12 Hail Marys afterwards.This is part of a series on vintage underground cinema.Outside of the movies and TV shows, Amazon will air the first Thursday Night Football game on September 28, which is a matchup between the Packers and the Bears.

Esteban and Lucita are victims of the age-old dilemma of forbidden love.

There is not a lot of nudity, but some very nice full frontal, never graphic.

Not very bloody but yet plenty of red stains the screen.

It's no coincidence that Esteban happened upon on the convent; his true love, Lucita (Jenni Tamburi), has been sent there by her parents as a way to keep the two apart.

They come from rival families, Montague and Capulet-style, and their love is as forbidden as the debauchery and cruelty that's taking place inside St. Lucita's roomate, Josefa (Bruna Beani), is an aggressive lesbian who strips naked and forcefully goes down on herthen again, Lucita doesn't seem to do much to stop itand the Abbess, Sister Incarnacion (Franoise Prvost), is a man-hungry sadist who enjoys having her underlings whipped. Esteban intends to spring Lucita from her captivity, but the pesky issue of his bullet wound means he'll have to hide out in the convent until he heals, an injured cock in the proverbial henhouse.