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Self liquidating loan example

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You have, no doubt, heard about Self-Liquidating (Arbitrage) Loans for years.

You may have tried to get one, or you be trying to get one now.

Since you will obtain the required collateral and income-producing instruments from the loan proceeds, your credit history does not matter.

All you need, is a viable project for which the fall-out from the loan will be used.

This page Self-Liquidating Arbitrage Loans (Source: Andrew Scully) You don't have to be rich to get an Arbitrage Loan. Needless to say, you have probably seen hundreds of offers over the past ten to twenty years - but have you been able to get a Self-Liquidating Loan? Because there's many con artists associated with this investment technique. You can get a loan and make money through some arbitrage and hedging.

Its a loan where you profit from the spread between interest rates.

See Also: Loan Agreement Collateralized Debt Obligations When is an interest rate not as important in selecting a loan?

Basically, an Arbitrage Loan, looks like this: All of the above actions take place SIMULTANEOUSLY at the closing of the loan, which is arranged by the " Escrow or law firm " for the Boutique Investment Banker who put the deal together.Your current financial position is unimportant under this plan. Answers to ALL of these questions and many more are answered in our "FULL DISCLOSURE REPORT - SELF-LIQUIDATING (ARBITRAGE) LOANS." Our report even tells you how to get almost ANY BANK in the world to make the loan for you - using Prime Bank Notes.Needless to say, you have probably seen hundreds (maybe even thousands) of offers over the past ten to twenty years - but - have you been able to get a Self-Liquidating (Arbitrage) Loan? (We even tell you WHERE you can get Prime Bank Notes).The manufacturer’s own sales peak probably comes in August; however, when retailers and toy distributors are building up their inventories for the buying season, to meet this demand, the manufacturer must schedule a high level of production from May through July.In May of each year, therefore, the company takes out a loan from its bank to pr ...Then the borrower takes the revenue generated from those business activities and uses it to repay the money that was borrowed to finance the activities.