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Du väljer själv om du vill skapa ett chatten-konto för att äga ditt namn, visa din profilbild och få chatta med mobilt internet eller om du hellre vill vara utan ett konto. Börja chatta genom att skriva in ditt namn nedanför :o) Bli medlem gratis För att säkerställa att oegentligheter inte inträffar på snyggast chatten så behövs numera ett medlemskap för att kunna chatta.

Rihanna and jay z dating

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“It was all a stunt,” said Hay, who has made the same admission several times in interviews.Jay Z’s only complaint when the story was being spun was “Dude, she’s a minor! But Beyoncé believed that Ri Ri had gotten under Jay Z’s skin, and she wanted out.

Rihanna's lawyer, Jordan Siev, told the paper, "Hay was never Rihanna's publicist or had any personal or professional relationship with her." Hay then clarified that he wasn't Rihanna's publicist, but rather, a publicist for her first single.Considering the questionable sourcing of that biography, perhaps we should leave Beyoncé's narrative to the singer herself.That may mean all we'll get from the "seen but not heard" superstar's personal life are photos of Blue Ivy, but who can complain about that?After the power couple reunited, Jay Z continued to cat around, Taraborrelli claims.But when Beyoncé put a ring on it, Jay Z’s cheating days were apparently over.Now that Jay-Z is with mommy Beyonce, it seems unlikely he'll end up in any celeb sex tapes anytime soon, but he's also been involved with an impressive roster of women who may have a Jay-Z starring celeb sex tape lying around somewhere.