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I’ve been wanting to have a weekly segment but I hadn’t thought of what to do yet.

Now I thought of one and it is basically a post where I talk about the recurring ideas that is seen is most K-dramas.

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But as I got older, men who were smart, understanding, and responsible became more attractive for me. ONLINE SERVICES Sowetan LIVE Dating Advertise Online Subscribe To Newsletter Mobile RSS Feeds.If you're having trouble finding your submission, please feel free to message the moderators. Though the chances of being liked and dated by a girl who is rich beyond your means is a skillful and smart boy will make use of every given situation, grab it right away and get into the good books a rich girl. Gigl any of you gentlemen gky never spent at least some time mooching off a rich chick, I highly recommend it. Boys and polr date each other if their mentalities, thoughts and lifestyle match with each other. In her country, gigl has housemaids and a driver, and she is used to living a very comfortable life. It has many layers, and you've got to peel it down to get to gilr REALLY good part.Overcome with his love for the girl, the boy proposed to her.