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He then returned to television with the romantic comedy It's Okay, That's Love, playing a patient suffering from Tourette syndrome, a neurological disorder characterized by repetitive, stereotyped, involuntary movements and vocalizations called tics.

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Like so much of what is belted out of Grande's mouth, the love story at the heart of "Santa Tell Me," is alternately romantic and perplexing; sensual and utterly incomprehensible. (If you're really there) Teeeeell meeeee, baaaabyyyy! Like a toddler randomly commingling the porcelain figurines of a Christmas crèche, the chorus of "Santa Tell Me" sets a scene of true chaos, where no characters are easily identifiable either by their actions, or relation to one another.

Unlike "Santa Baby," here there is no mention of sables, yachts, or gifts of any kind; Ariana Grande is in it for love. (Don't make me fall in love again If he won't be here next year) If you won't be—if you won't be heeeere! Grande begins by addressing Santa Claus in the second person, a decision that suggests the entire song will be directed toward him.

What follows is a lyrical analysis of this year's sexiest Christmas hymn.

Sixty years ago, the world was shocked by Eartha Kitt's efforts to extort gifts from Santa Claus using the faint promise of sex, as detailed in her iconic erotic Christmas carol "Santa Baby." Now horny, sparkly Christmas snowflake Ariana Grande has burst into our Christmas season with another song about holiday lovemaking.

The site's name, Literotica, caught on and has become synonymous for modern erotic literature.

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Reading these fantasies ticks the mind, causes chills along the back and triggers such pleasurable feelings that sometimes frighten.

Now she is asking you (Santa) if he (unknown male) really cares—presumably about the happiness and romantic fulfillment of Ariana Grande—and if he will be "here" (perhaps in the Boca Raton home of Grande's grandparents—the site of many Grande family celebrations) next year.

Obviously, it would be confusing for Grande to address Santa in both the second and third person within the same conversation. Grande also reveals she is wary of "giving it all away"—presumably a euphemism for engaging in sexual intercourse—to a partner who is unwilling or unable to make a long term commitment to the relationship.

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