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They cannot just sit, caged, for hours on end without sufficient environmental stimulation, exercise or interaction." There are a wide range of health (stress weakens the immune system, increasing vulnerability) and behavioral problems which in reality are only SYMPTOMATIC of the cause, the real problem: environmental STRESS.Symptoms of environmental stess include, among other things: whitish eye goop, smallish or squashy fecal droppings, fungus, anti-social behavior(chasing and pulling fur, biting, urine-spraying) directed at the chinparent or cagemates (causing conflicts), lethargy, acting depressed and withdrawn, weight loss, persistent dominance mounting, excessively marking territory with urine, fidgeting behaviors such as obsessive chewing of cage bars, hammock, water bottle, etc., and neurotic behaviors such as fur biting, pacing in circles or somersaulting.It won't be long until the shrunk human freezes to death, even during a summer day.A full explanation for the biological aspect is a lot more complicated due to subtler factors (muscle/bone stress, required oxygen uptake, dissipating body heat, etc.), but the gist of it is the same in every case: You can't just scale something up (or down) to a different size and expect it to still work the same way as it used to.

This applies to flyers as well: Double the size, and you get four times the wingpower attempting to keep eight times the weight airborne, so the creature's ability to fly has actually been cut by half.

Thus, it's easy for some people to over-generalize from their experience with very mellow, well-adjusted chins and they may not see the need to address the subject of stress and its consequences, because indeed, those mellow, well-adjusted chins are more adaptive and resilient.

But this is not representative of the common experience, as chinchilla rescue workers and anyone who's been on a forum and watched chinparents recycle the same old stress-related health and behavioral problems can attest to.

He called both before and after attacks, perhaps to ascertain his target’s whereabouts and/or to frighten his victims with intimidating taunts. This clip is from a Sacramento-area 911 call placed in late 1977 by an unknown male claiming to be the East Area Rapist.

Investigators had intended to share this audio file along with the other new evidence published by Los Angeles magazine late last month but delayed its release so they could clean up and enhance the sound.