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If a woman is not in a mutually committed relationship, she should be able to date as many men as she chooses. I had a roundtable discussion with a few of my friends (both men and women) about this and was quite surprised by some of the answers that I received.If a woman is dating more than one man at a time, she is not giving enough time or effort to finding out if she is truly compatible with any of them.But, at the same time, you aren't a Branch Davidian cult leader and you can't treat the world like a Waco sex compound, stocked with unstable teen runaways.The situation can be a minefield, so here are a couple of ground rules for being an ethical he-ho.girl has a little bit of Sarah in them – this composite we’re drawing is simply the most extreme iteration of it.Here’s the backstory, taken from my experiences with the three girls.I have been back on the dating scene for about two years now.I think its ok for a woman to date multiple men at the same time, and I sometimes do.

I do think you shouldn't juggle more than two.If a guy gave you a mix CD of Radiohead songs because it felt like giving you "a pint of his own blood," and then he gave girl a pint of his own blood, it sort of cheapens the gesture. I know guys who date multiple women like they're filling out an elimination bracket, and I know guys who date multiple women because they get easily bored by one set of nipples.More and more people I know prefer dating a bunch of people to one; you can be suspended in a kind of single-but-not animation that used to be reserved for old bachelors of indeterminate sexual orientation, and not be considered a jerky health risk.But when it comes to men, she knows exactly what she’s doing.I’ve seen her destroy several guys (myself included), and I watch her keeping a steady flow of prospects in the pipeline.Making a decision about a guy is no different than any other decision.