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Common sense precautions should be taken however when arranging to meet anyone face to face for the first time.

How do you handle intimidating drivers

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When I use to work for Mike Ferry, the best trainer and coach from the Real Estate industry, my team leader was a very arrogant driver.

Revving the engine, driving up too close to the back wheel and generally being a nuisance.

No wonder anxiety about driving on highways is one of the most common forms of driving fear. Avoiding them due to anxiety is not always possible.

If you live in a densely populated area, being unable to drive on a highway can be crippling.

There’s definitely a confrontational aspect to highway driving, and it’s most intense while trying to navigate your way into the current.

Highways demand a certain level of driving skill and the ability not to back down (see ).

Let’s break it down by the 3 main problems people tend to have: Merging, especially in heavy traffic, can feel claustrophobic and threatening.

Many people feel dangerously exposed sweeping into a flood of highway traffic from some small tributary interchange.

People who fall into the Driver personality type tend to be very controlling and possibly demanding.Over the next few days, I’ll cover one of the four types of personalities and explain to you exactly how they think and most importantly, make decisions.Then, as you begin to understand how to tell the personalities apart, I’ll teach you the ability to allow yourself to become versatile in any selling situation, won’t that be great?The spectrum of road users in a community includes drivers, bicyclists, passengers, and pedestrians, all vying with each other for space and pacing rights.It's frightening to realize that drivers kill and injure pedestrians at an alarming rate: New studies indicate that crosswalks in the middle of a block and at intersections without stop signs or traffic lights often encourage pedestrians to drop their guard and step in front of speeding vehicles. Many motorists don't mind routinely using their vehicle to intimidate defenseless people on foot.Since I would say that I’m an extreme expressive, I find myself to be a very emotional person.