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.” Hogan added that “it’s not necessary for homeowners to get a certified copy of their deed”.
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San Pedro town was not any special or worthwhile to visit either.

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San Pedro town was not any special or worthwhile to visit either.As stated, if an island cant compete with top beach and ocean conditions, the more important it would be to offer top quality conditions on land, town and roads. 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CO., manufacturers of "OLD JUDGE" i Cigarettes and Smoking Tobacco In- vented and patented a process, March 6th, 1878, by which the Rice Paper used as wrappers for "OLD JUDGE 1 ' Cigar- ettes has been so prepared that the un- pleasant ODOR and the injurious effects of the Oil of Creosote are completely neutralized or destroyed, and the paper made saliva proof to prevent its b teas- ing or melting in the mouth. , Manufactured by GOODWIN & CO., 207 and 209 Water St., isrjsrv Ar -yoz FUSL ig "I ackie House A. SHIPLEY & SON, Manufacturers ol JTne Pishing Tackle ol Every Oesc Hption, 503 COMMERCE ST., PHILA. They ar j , however, reasonably neat aud if one is not a dillit&nts he wi O get along very comfortably. In the immediate vicinity, fresh-water fishing : yet a few hours' r good fishing grounds. Thekla, vei-v highly commended, is a good bitch ; but Bardon Queen who received a similar card, is thick-skulled and ha • no color. , lasses, but in the bitches Pa pi Hicd, and her immense tfnality was greatlv admired. Muuroo showed a strong tea n of four Chi i were mostly high uud sholt-eaeed, however, but good behind In champion sheepdogs t'o.-ksie. But more importantly we thought, that an island that disadvantaged would see it as a priority to offer best on-land conditions in order to stay competitive. The islands vehicle traffic is beyond what we as tourists are willing to endure.

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