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The bill would let students at public colleges keep institutional awards and private scholarships up to their federally defined level of financial need. A second bill expands access to medical records by best-interest attorneys for senior citizens and minors.

Hogan also signed “Bryer’s Law,” a bill unofficially named in memory of Bryer Hendricks, a 5-year-old girl with Frederick County connections who died of injuries suffered in a 2014 car crash near the Washington-Frederick county line.

While the West Virginia resident who caused the crash was initially found guilty of knowingly driving without insurance in Washington County District Court, that conviction was appealed and a Circuit Court judge ultimately acquitted the driver after ruling that Maryland law does not specify any criminal penalty for out-of-state drivers who operate uninsured vehicles. Gaines covers politics and government in Frederick County, splitting her time between Winchester Hall and The State House.

We “catch” up with Townsend Kyser, a third generation Catfish farmer, to learn more about this industry and the economic impact it has for the region and for the state of Alabama.

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Albert Betts Jr., Wade Caven Crosnoe, Thompson Coe Cousins & Irons, L. P., Austin, TX, for Amicus Curiae Insurance Council of Texas. We hold that: (1) the treating physician's opinion was based on a reliable foundation and, therefore, legally sufficient evidence supports the jury's verdict; (2) the trial court's omission of the but-for component in the jury charge constitutes reversible error; and (3) an insurance carrier is entitled to have a jury determine the disputed amount of reasonable and necessary attorney's fees for which it is liable. Although I agree the trial court erred by giving a definition of "producing cause" that did not include a "but for" element, I respectfully disagree with part of section III of the Court's opinion.

In this workers' compensation case, we decide three issues: (1) whether expert medical causation testimony from a treating physician relying on a differential diagnosis is reliable and, therefore, legally sufficient evidence to support the jury's verdict; (2) whether the trial court erred in submitting a jury charge that defined "producing cause" without including a but—for component; and (3) whether an insurance carrier that is unsuccessful on judicial review is entitled to a jury trial on the disputed amount of a claimant's attorney's fees under Texas Labor Code § 408.221(c). Regardless of whether the claimant partially or totally prevails, the jury's verdict as to the fee amount "must be approved by the . Justice JOHNSON, joined by Justice LEHRMANN, concurring. When the Court interpreted that statutory causation language in three death cases it noted—and implicitly approved—a causation instruction substantively the same as the instruction requested in this case by Transcontinental.