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Employers mandating vaccinations

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Options to oppose vaccine mandates include: Right to refuse flu shots – Word 2007 Right-to-refuse-flu-shots - pdf A nurse wrote a great letter and had success at getting out of the flu shot requirement.

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Unfortunately, this is a legal arena that does not follow "common sense" thinking. Most of the nation’s 125 cases are part of a large, ongoing multi-state outbreak linked to Disneyland in California. The Disneyland outbreak has spurred a national discussion about whether employers should require their employees to be vaccinated. ""Alan represented us last year when our hospital denied our religious exemptions. The EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), a federal agency that enforces anti-discrimination laws and investigates employer discrimination complaints, also supports employees' right to refuse vaccines in the workplace.However, while most hospitals have policies allowing employees to refuse vaccines for religious reasons, most are unlawfully restrictive--e.g., require support from a religious leader, have excessive mask policies, require employees to sign statements they don't agree with, etc. tell me, most hospital employees who attempt an exemption on their own are not successful.During the last flu season, a hospital in northern Indiana fired eight workers who refused to get vaccines against the seasonal disease.