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We're side-eyeing you Beyoncé, Rihanna and Frank Ocean.So without further ado, here's our Top 20 rundown of the best albums of 2016.20.Way back in 2003, Humble and Fred were the morning show on AM 640, only then it was called Mojo Radio. I still say David Eddie would be a great "Toronto Mike" future guest.

In Virgil's epic poem The Aeneid, Pygmalion is the cruel-hearted brother of Dido who secretly kills Dido's husband Sychaeus because of his lust for gold. The 825 date is taken from the writings of Pompeius Trogus (1st century BC), whose forty-four book Philippic History survives only in abridged form in the works of the Roman historian Justin. Liver argued that the 825 date has some credibility because, with it, the elapsed time between that date and the start of building of Solomon’s Temple, given as 143 years and 8 months in Menander/Josephus, agrees very closely with the date of approximately 967 BC for the start of Temple construction as derived from 1 Kings 6:1 (fourth year of Solomon) and the date given by most historians for the end of Solomon’s forty-year reign, i.e. If, however, the starting place is 814 BC, measuring back 143 or 144 years does not agree with this Biblical date.from 831 to 785 BC and a son of King Mattan I (840-832 BC). Here ancient classical sources given two possibilities: 825 BC or 814 BC.During Pygmalion's reign, Tyre seems to have shifted the heart of its trading empire from the Middle East to the Mediterranean, as can be judged from the building of new colonies including Kition on Cyprus, Sardinia (see Nora Stone discussion below), and, according to tradition, Carthage. The 814 date is derived from the Greek historian Timaeus (c. Pygmalion’s dates are derived from Josephus’s Against Apion i.18, where Josephus quotes the Phoenician historian Menander as follows: Pygmalion’s dates, if this citation is to be trusted, are thus dependent on the date of the founding of Carthage. The first Balazeros was a son of Hiram I, contemporary of David and Solomon, so this was too early, but the second name referred to the grandfather of Pygmalion and was therefore in the right date range. Keep Stafford - build everything else from the ground up.