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Dating seminars london

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What have the changes and trends throughout the times been and how they affect us today.

What can we learn from the past and how might it help us going forward.

They are semi interactive and incredibly informative.

They supplement our one-to-one coaching clients really well but also work as stand alone sessions. In fact, a couple started dating as a result of attending one of our seminars!

The program was packed with speakers, workshops, seminars and stands to give you top tips and advice.

While we are working on who will be there for next year, take a look below at who we had this year 🙂 We are busy working on next event, which will take place on Sunday 11th March 2018.

We hold seminars on various dating topics and relationship issues that people face.

These vary in length from hours to days and consist of groups between 4 and 12.Inside Indigo at The O2, a thousand would-be girlfriends are losing their shit. ‘They gave me my self-worth back after my marriage broke down.’ ‘It was really inspiring stumbling across his You Tube channel,’ says Faith, a 28-year-old nurse from Windsor also at the seminar. ‘His videos changed my life,’ explains Fiona, a thirty-something divorcee who has travelled to today’s event from Bognor.Danny Andrea is a tax lawyer turned chocolate mistress who’s love life has been as colourful as her employment career.Her successful blog on her real-life dating experiences; “Danny’s Dirty Thirty” reached audiences worldwide, has now become a book, ‘The Lobster’, detailing the trials and tribulations of her dating life and one particular long-term encounter.In this 5-hour event we’ve jam packed some of the tried and tested methods that are proven to get you out of your current rut and back into the dating seen with a BANG!