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Dating of easter sunday

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A correct statement is: 'Easter is the first Sunday after the first ecclesiastical full moon that occurs on or after March 21'. For details and additional information, please see: Holiday Calendar - When is Easter Sunday ?? Some see this first phase as mainly concerned with whether Christians should follow Old Testament practices, see also Christian views on the Old Covenant and Judaizers.However it was not the custom of the churches in the rest of the world to end it at this point, as they observed the practice, which from Apostolic tradition has prevailed to the present time, of terminating the fast on no other day than on that of the Resurrection of our Saviour." Quartodecimanism, a word not used in Eusebius' account as he wrote in Greek, is derived from the Biblical Latin term for the practice of fixing the celebration of Passover for Christians on the fourteenth (Latin quarta decima) day of Nisan in the Old Testament's Hebrew Calendar (for example Lev 23:5).At that time the Roman world used the Julian Calendar (put in place by Julius Caesar).

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Easter is an annual festival observed throughout the Christian world.The aim of the Easter Dating Method is to maintain, for each Easter Sunday, the same season of the year and the same relationship to the preceding astronomical full moon that occurred at the time of His resurrection in 30 A. Orthodox churches celebrate their Easter always on the basis of the Julian calendar and the "19 Paschal Full Moon dates" table.The dates for Orthodox Easter Sunday shown above are for the Gregorian calendar equivalent, i.e. The Julian calendar date Thursday October 4, 1582 was followed by the Gregorian calendar date Friday October 15, 1582. In some years the Orthodox Easter Sunday occurs on the same day as the Western Easter Sunday.This year was a special year, in that the Eastern and Western churches celebrated it on the same date.Easter is a variable-date feast for both families of churches, but the range of possible dates under each calendar partially overlaps.The date for Easter shifts every year within the Gregorian Calendar.