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However, Remington uses 2 letter date codes on the barrel. Decoder link below: __________________ 1935 Marlin 100 1956 Marlin 56 Levermatic * 1960 Marlin 80G 1967 Marlin 99M1 1969 Marlin 99M1 1976 Marlin 336 (30-30) 1978 Glenfield 25 1979 Marlin 1894C (38/357) 1979 Marlin 39A 1980 Glenfield 60 1982 Glenfield 25 1983 Marlin 60/70 1983 Marlin 70 1984 Marlin 60 1985 Marlin 995 1985 Marlin 60 1989 Marlin 60/70 1990 Marlin 70 1994 Marlin 70HC 1998 Marlin 60SB/70 * I'm not sure if there is a pattern to the Remington serial numbers, other than maybe a range of sequential numbers in a year. I got an email from a guy who said the MR is Marlin Remington/and the 2 most likely signifies the year and the 2nd number most likely signifies the month..vice versa..manufacture. The guy said there is no chart he could send me but he did say the serial number: MR22xxx C signifies a manufacture date in 2012. My guess is that it was manufactured in February 2012.

However, Remington uses 2 letter date codes on the barrel.

Features such as controlled-round feeding and the three-position safety–not to mention classic good looks and a reputation for quality and accuracy–are just some of those measures. Since then, a long-term license agreement has been struck with Browning to manufacture and distribute Winchester-brand rifles and shotguns.

Rifles #3407088‑3427087 (from the first "block" of numbers) were diverted, and the first "03‑A3" converted was delivered in February 1943. "Block" for these rifles and possible future orders were 4922001‑5784000.You can read an extensive shooting review of the new gun by picking up a copy of the May/June issue of Rifle Shooter magazine available on newsstands now.The most collectable Model 70s and 94s are the “pre-64″ guns, manufactured before a significant production change in 1964. The first letter shown "O" is the month in this case July. Look at the first picture to understand what I am saying. The serial number on the underside of the barrel is #25525. The complete chart will be found on the Remington collector site or in the back of a Blue Book on gun value.