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God’s word gives us criteria for dating and marriage, although singleness is also a calling.

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The area that was froze swelled, went pink then gradually skin began to reform over it.

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And that genital warts is the most common viral STI, and that both are super prevalent in my age group.

I encourage you to talk to your boyfriend soon about your genital warts.

He deserves to be informed so that both of you can take the right steps to stay protected…in fact, he may want to visit his doctor for a visual exam to ensure he doesn’t have genital warts, too.

”It took a month or two of telling myself “that’s not what it is!

If you are going to have sex, you need to use protection, if you don’t then blah blah blah. My lab results were in—and in addition to the lovely genital warts, I also had chlamydia.