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Consolidating student loans bankruptcy

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That is four times the number who borrowed in 2007.

Even worse, the Government Accounting Office says that 37% of student loan borrowers age-65 and over are in default.

When discussing the allowance of student loan bankruptcy options in the future, it’s important to understand how we got to where we are today.

Let’s (very) briefly go over how the current bankruptcy situation came about.

Congress made federal student loans ineligible for discharge to ensure the solvency of the federal loan program.

However, if borrowers can prove that they meet certain criteria, exceptions have been made. (In addition, a recent court case shows that discharge may also be possible if the borrower can prove their student loan did not constitute an “educational benefit.”) The standards for these points are very strict and often very difficult to prove (some even argue “impossible”).

be discharged through traditional bankruptcy proceedings. Regardless of your income status or how far you might be behind on your loan payments, the fact is that discharging your student loans through bankruptcy, at this time, is not an option.

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Even a lot of bankruptcy attorneys believe this wildfire myth.Your Student Loan Discharge Options While traditional bankruptcy is not yet an available option, there are procedures that can be to get student loans discharged, although they are anything but easy.These procedures apply to both federal and private student loans and exist outside the traditional bankruptcy process.Many of the discharges fall into a couple of buckets.There is the unaccredited school discharge, the unqualified educational expense discharge, and the growing undue hardship bankruptcy elimination standard.Is it possible to get rid of your student loan debt by filing for bankruptcy? In fact, there’s never been a better time to attempt it, because in 2017, it’s easier than ever before to wipe out your debt with a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceeding.