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If you've got three separate guitar tracks IMO I would leave them as three separate guitar tracks because you've got much more flexibility/control with effecting/panning them.Then Ctrl U, then Ctrl B to get rid of the unused regions. Send the three guitar tracks to it by setting their output to the above bus.I Don't want one guitar to take up that many tracks, so how do I make all 3 tracks into one track?

I want every track to contain only one (however long) clip and each clip has to start at 0.Community member Narek Ambar has been in touch to ask for our advice on how to create smaller Pro Tools sessions when preparing them for archiving so they take up less storage space. Dear Pro Tools Experts, I'm a huge fan and a big follower and absolutely LOVE your content!I have this issue I was hoping that maybe you guys might know something about as I've searched the internet high and low and had no luck. When I am done mixing a Pro Tools session, I like to consolidate it for my archives and store it onto Blu Ray discs.Thanks for any help, Paul It'll take forever if you "Bounce To Clip" and then Export all the tracks.Instead, like Djoni said, your best bet would be to Export the whole project by selecting "Tracks" (hopefully no Buses are involved since you're mixing in Pro Tools anyways) in the "Source Category" and "Split Mono" in the "Channel Format" (unless the tracks are all Stereo or all Mono).Is there a way to use the consolidate function where the file is consolidate ends up as 1 file stereo interleaved file instead of two files (l and R)? You need to be using Pro Tools 10 (im assuming your on PT) and you need to have your session set to using interleaved files which is selectable in the session view or you set it up when you fist start a project.