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Having more than one G-Mail account had become today so essential to meet the needs, Having more than one Gmail account can be useful for some people to separate the personal mails and work mails.But if one is having more than two accounts it’s annoying thing for them to check all the emails by logging into every single account.In the last 15 years, I have had at least four different primary email addresses.My first email account was on MSN Hotmail (now Windows Live Hotmail), then I shifted to Yahoo Mail for some time, then to Google mail followed by Google Apps for Gmail.But it’s the prospect of continuation that makes this a really exciting setup: Should the Fed back down even further, perhaps even cutting their expectation to a single hike this year, Gold prices could get another lift-higher as it becomes obvious that the Federal Reserve probably isn’t going to hike rates in the face of the numerous economic pressure points showing prominently around the globe.And given that each of these bearish moves lower have come after a quick-burst higher, it makes sense that this was merely consolidation while markets waited for that next indicator of global economic weakness, highlighting the fact that the Fed probably won’t be hiking anytime soon.Similarly, Google has already updated or will update other apps that will be included in Android 5.0 Lollipop.It’s not clear whether Google’s Gmail app for i OS will also support other email providers in the future, including Outlook, Yahoo, and others.

Mail2Web offers a WAP version of the website optimized for the small screen of your mobile phones.

(Practically it’s not combing your email accounts, it just forwarding the mails to your single main email account from all other email accounts.

) Step 1: Select the Gmail account which you use frequently login to check the mails. Step 2: Now open the Gmail Settings by clicking on the Gear icon (Top-Right-cornor) and click on the “Settings”.

You need to confirm all the account by clicking on the link sent to the mail account, or by entering the code received to the confirmation code sent to you mail account.

When you verify by any one method, you will get a confirmation messages.. You will get option to activate the forwarding of the emails to your account with some options like Option to keep the copy of the mail in your the secondary email account even after forwarding the mail to your mail email account, and Option to delete the mail after forwarding the mail to your mail email account from the original email account.