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Nahraná videa se budou ukládat do složky, kterou sami určíte, a později, až budete mít čas, si je můžete v klidu přehrát.
Had President Obama kept his word to the American people, Thursday's ground-breaking Supreme Court ruling that upheld the individual mandate portion of the Affordable Care Act, giving the president a political victory of historic significance, never would have happened.

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So many things can complicate adjustment: feelings of guilt over being the survivor, difficulty imagining being in love again, fear that you would fall in love again, and perhaps most difficult to control, the feeling of being robbed, of a partner taken before her time.Though no one can tell someone how long to grieve, when grief continues unabated, it takes a toll on an individual’s health and is emotionally taxing on everyone around the person.By Pepper Schwartz Copyright © 2014 AARP All rights reserved.Dating over 50 has its own special set of considerations.Widowed Village connects peers with each other for friendship and sharing.The moderators, administrators, and others involved in running this site are not professionals.

D., scholar-in-residence at Brandeis University Women's Studies Research Center, in the "Psychology Today" article "Remembering Fathers Are Also Widowed," men are quicker to date and remarry after becoming widowed than are women -- meaning that you could find yourself in a relationship with a man in this position.

Perhaps surprisingly, widows and widowers who’ve lost a partner with whom they’ve had a wonderful relationship are often more motivated than others to date again.

And perhaps it goes without saying that if the relationship was awful, the loss of that partner may feel like the end of a prison sentence, and the desire to pair again is fraught with anxiety.

Still, even for the motivated widow or widower, there’s a good chance that reentering the dating market may feel like infidelity, or even betrayal.

A deceased spouse may have even given specific permission and encouragement for her partner to love again after she’s gone, and yet doing so still feels wrong to the surviving spouse.