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Both the parties claim that their database contains real-time information like names, email addresses, encoded passwords, geo-location information, and more than 100 personal data traits featuring sexual preferences, hobbies, drinking habits, favorite movies, and plenty of other data characteristics that are a signature for these dating websites.

Spotify users may also be dealing with a hacking headache.

The hackers are allegedly selling personal data of 1.1 million users including their names, addresses, sexual preference, relationship status, phone numbers, email addresses and even private messages according to a report by Forbes.

The website was hacked in December 2015, however, and at the time Beautiful said the incident occurred on a test server and no user information was compromised.

For its part, Beautiful People has attempted to explain away the breach by saying it only affected a “test server,” as opposed to one in use for production, but that’s a meaningless distinction, says Vickery.“It makes no effing difference in the world,” says Vickery.

It bills itself as “a dating site where existing members hold the key to the door.” Turns out, the site maybe should have put them in charge of server security, as well.

This is a shame hack, a website called site Beautiful which only accepts those people who are fair and beautiful was hacked by unknown hackers.

The hackers who probably got the data in December 2015, leaked sensitive data of around 1.1 million ‘beautiful people’ who were members of this website.

The website, which only allows members who are "voted in" by those of the opposite sex, was hacked last December.

Data stolen in the breach is now being sold online, including sexual preferences, relationship status, income, addresses and more.